“Women Helping Women Reach for the Stars”

Posted by: Cathy and Len

What an appropriate group for us to talk to today about Threads!   Thanks to the local PEO International chapter for letting us share the story of Surayia, the women of Arshi and of nakshi kantha tapestries.

Cathy talking with some of the members of the local PEO chapter. Photo copyright Kantha Productions LLC.

For those who don’t know it, PEO International is an organization that helps women achieve education through grants, loans, and support for Cottey College in Missouri.  PEO was founded in Iowa in 1869; we of course told the group about Surayia’s connection to Iowa and the Des Moines Art Museum, where she was able to sell many of her painted scrolls with the help of her friend Mrs. Weitz.  We believe this was the first time that Surayia’s art was sold internationally.

It’s a small world.