UPDATE — Threads news: first film festival screening!

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Posted by: Cathy and Len

We are very pleased to announce that Threads is finished and will have its first festival screening at our hometown Gig Harbor Film Festival.  Mark your calendars:  Saturday, October 18 at 12:55 PM at the Galaxy Theater in Uptown Gig Harbor.  Tickets are available at the GHFF office next door to the theater, and online at Eventbrite.  We will be there to answer questions after the film.

The Gig Harbor Film Festival is a wonderful community event that has been growing each year.  Volunteers are the backbone of the GHFF, and we are proud to be part of the volunteer team.

Many, many thanks to everyone who has helped to make this day possible.  A huge thank you to our donors:  friends, family and total strangers who contributed time, photos, advice, and money to this project.  We look forward to showing you the film.  And of course we could not have done anything without the constant support of Surayia Rahman and her children and grandchildren.

Keep checking back for updates on additional screenings of Threads.






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    • Cathy
      Cathy says:

      Anil — You were so vital to this film since its beginning and so inspirational to us throughout the film-making process. We look forward to when we will screen in South Asia with you alongside us!

  1. A life time of Dedication!!Congratulations Suraiya Aunty !!
    A life time of Dedication!!Congratulations Suraiya Aunty !! says:

    This is truly deserving!!Such a talented and humble soul!!Class apart!!Big Congratulations Suraiya Aunty to your life long dedication and passion which you shared to build the lives of so many women around you.

  2. Deborah
    Deborah says:

    Cathy, I am sooo excited to see the write up for this film in Gig Harbor Living Local and now to see this is a featured film at the GH Film Festival! I’m pleased for the women your film represents and I’m so happy for you and Len. A dream in action!

  3. Cecile
    Cecile says:

    Congratulations! I ran into Dina Hossain in Dhaka last week who told me that the film is finally finished. Can’t wait to see it. Will you be going to Dhaka anytime soon? How will you distribute the film? Will Suraiya get to see it?
    warm regards,

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