Posted by:  Cathy

With help from Rita Meher, I have begun storyboarding the full documentary, covering the walls of our guest bedroom with notes on sticky tabs which help us visualize how the film will tell the story of Surayia, her art, and the women whose lives she changed forever.  As Rita said: “We had so fun much creating the storyboard and talking out the storyline for our documentary. I felt we embarked on our journey for the next stage of the documentary.”

Rita working on the storyboard

The simplicity of the cut and paste action is such a contrast to the complex feelings we have as we comb through the film footage word by word, frame by frame. Much of this footage was shot by Mishuk Munier, who died on August 13 in a tragic road accident in Bangladesh, along with his close friend and extraordinary filmmaker, Tareque Masud. We miss them both very much, but their guidance and insights are still with us every day as we read through the footage translations and transcripts and work to tell the story of “Threads.”