Posted by: Len

Cathy and I had the opportunity this week to talk about the film project to two groups in our area.  We both love these occasions; we get to speak to audiences about a subject that we are passionate about, and we get to show and describe Surayia’s artwork to people who have not seen it before.

On Monday the 22nd we were on Bainbridge Island speaking to a group of embroiderers who had become aware of Surayia’s work when we attended the Embroiderer’s Guild of America regional conference a few months ago.  Thank you for your interest, good questions and donation to the film project!

The next evening we gave a presentation about Bangladesh and the film project to a group in Gig Harbor interested in foreign travel.  That has resulted in an additional invitation to speak to a larger meeting of the group early in 2013.  Thanks to Louise for her tireless championing of our project!

We love talking to people about the film and how we came to be working on it, so if you know of a group with an interest in empowerment of women, embroidery, quilting, South Asia, or any of the many themes that the film touches on, please let us know and we’ll try to find a mutually convenient time to come speak.  You can always reach us by e-mail at:  info (at)