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Update:  for some reason our hyperlinks on this post — other than for Tumblr — aren’t working properly.  They are listed at the bottom.  Sorry for the inconvenience until we get this fixed. 

At the urging of several friends and supporters, Cathy and I have set up a board on Pinterest, where we add items of interest on women, kantha, quilts, embroidery, fiber art, and whatever other topics strike us as interesting.  We’re thinking about other good topics for Pinterest boards:  film making, Bangladesh, development issues — who knows?  Suggestions are welcome!

Our friend Sitara Ahmed has started a Pinterest board on nakshi kantha, which we follow and enjoy.  Surayia’s designs have certainly been influential on contemporary nakshi kantha, as we note a number of sites offering for sale versions of her original designs — almost always without her knowledge or permission.

Threads:  The Art and Life of Surayia Rahman is also on Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr.   Stop by and give us a “like” or a +1.  See you soon.

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Threads Pinterest:    http://pinterest.com/kanthathreads/threads-women-kantha-quilting-embroidery/

Threads Facebook:   www.facebook.com/pages/Threads-The-Art-and-Life-of-Surayia-Rahman/108518349201767

Threads Google+:   http://plus.google.com/u/0/b/114288447626656500337/114288447626656500337/posts

Threads Tumblr:    http://http://kanthathreads.tumblr.com/

Nakshi Kantha Pinterest:  http://pinterest.com/bappi/nakshi-kantha/