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Posted by:  Cathy

Remember in May where I showed you how the script was evolving on the wall of our spare bedroom?  Well, the evolution continues!

Is it a script?  Or could this be a quilt? 

As I work with Rita Meher on a rough cut of THREADS, one way that is helpful for me to visualize the different parts of the story and their relationships with each other is to take soundbites of the film footage transcript, color code them for which part of the story they represent, and see how they can best fit together.  This format allows me to move segments around relatively easily and to visualize better how the story flows.   In some ways, it reminds me of setting out the patterns and colors of a quilt.

Everyone has their own way of organizing the story they are telling.   What is your favorite method?



Posted by:  Len

We are very pleased to announce that Threads has been approved for fiscal sponsorship by the International Documentary Association (IDA) of Los Angeles.  IDA, which is a not-for-profit organization with tax exempt status in the U.S., supports documentary film making worldwide and is dedicated to increasing public awareness and appreciation for the documentary genre.

The “Support the Film” page of our website has been updated to reflect IDA as the main way to contribute to ensuring that the story of Surayia, the art she created, and the women of Arshi is shared with audiences worldwide.

Fiscal sponsorship is an important milestone for an independent film project.  U.S. persons can donate to Threads through IDA and receive a tax deduction, to the extent allowed by law, for the donation.  IDA then passes the money to our film production company, Kantha Productions LLC, for use on the film.  Because IDA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, many corporations will match gifts to it made by their employees, effectively doubling the amount of an individual’s donation.

We are extremely pleased to be working with such a professional and respected organization.

Thank you in advance for considering a contribution to the film.