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Posted by Cathy and Len

Thanks to the Gig Harbor Film Festival (GHFF) for inviting us to do a presentation to the new filmmakers’ group on February 11.  This was a real honor for us, and a lot of fun to interact with others who are interested in learning how to make their own films.  We talked about the joys and challenges involved in making Threads, and some of the lessons we have learned and resources we have discovered during this process.  We also showed some clips of the footage that we have from Bangladesh.

It’s a great group and one we always enjoy getting together with.  Many of the participants have competed in the GHFF 72-hour film competition, a fast-growing part of the festival, and want to improve their skills.

We are all learning together and really enjoy the opportunity to talk about where we are and what we’re doing!

Posted by: Cathy

Len and I had the pleasure recently of speaking to a group at the new Harbor History Museum, not far from our home in Gig Harbor, Washington. We talked about Surayia, her artistic evolution, and its context — Bangladesh, traditional nakshi kantha, and Surayia’s re-imagining of a traditional craft as the finest tapestries in the world.

Our talk took place on the last day of a special exhibit at the Museum on quilting, so we focused on the quilting tradition of Bangladesh. We brought along several of Surayia’s pieces so that audience members could get an up-close look at the remarkable work done by the women of Arshi.

Following our presentation and questions, we showed the film trailer.

Many thanks to everyone who attended and to Vicki Blackwell of the Museum for her support and encouragement. Please keep spreading the word about the film!

Cathy discussing Bangladesh and Surayia's art. Two nakshi kantha tapestries are at right.