Posted by:  Cathy and Len

The Textile Museum of Canada  in Toronto has an exhibition, “Telling Stories,” that includes one of Surayia’s works, Georgian Times.  Curated by Roxanne Shaughnessy, the exhibition will run until mid-April, 2014, so please go see it if you are in the area.  You can view an image of Georgian Times from the Textile Museum’s collection at this link.

Here’s the description from the Museum’s website:

“The art of storytelling extends beyond the written word, encompassing a myriad of forms. Whether through the illustration of a myth or legend, or the recitation of an epic poem or song, cultures have devised inventive and elaborate methods of recording and depicting their rich histories through the centuries. In this exhibition of artifacts from the permanent collection of the Textile Museum of Canada, textiles perform as instruments of communication, offering narratives that unfold in the making and materiality of each textile. …. Telling Stories presents extraordinary materials of everyday lives that reflect the inordinate richness of cultural histories as well as the human impulse to capture real and imagined experiences.”

Thank you, Roxanne, for a beautiful and timely exhibition.