Post-production planning


Posted by: Len

Although we are still hard at work on creating the first rough cut of THREADS, our thoughts are also turning to the next step after we have finished editing and locked the film. That step will be the additional post production that follows editing, where the film is put into final form and prepared for distribution. We need to start planning music and associated sound engineering, as well as the thorough review of the film required for color correction.

Cathy and I recently met with a Seattle post production house to get a better idea of what services we can expect and — importantly for independent film makers — what the work will cost.  It is amazing what can be done with a film to make it truly a professional product worthy of someone who was a perfectionist as Surayia was.  Any differences in lighting, for example, between filming sessions can be modified or corrected so that the final product has a consistent look and feel.  We were told to think of the process as “Photoshop (c) for movies.”

We plan to travel to Bangladesh before the end of the year to work on music for the film, and ideally to record a  soundtrack done by local musicians.  That recording would then be processed by a sound house and ultimately added to the film at the post production house to create a final version of the documentary that is ready for distribution.

We still need to finish the filming and editing, of course, but it is encouraging to know that we can also start to plan for the next phase of this great project.