Our first day back in dhaka


Within moments of our arrival, a former colleague of Len’s from the US Embassy, Firoze, arrived to greet us.  We felt at home immediately.  Then came a knock on the door from Anil Advani. For one year, Anil has been helping us with photography and much more for the documentary, out of the goodness of his heart and his belief in the importance of art and culture and the improvement of lives of the poor.   We met him ‘virtually’ through friends,  and we felt we knew him like a brother when we met personally for the first time at our hotel.

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  1. Anil
    Anil says:

    A real pleasure to have finally met you both, Cathy and Len, and that too here in Dhaka! Our trips out together, first to see Surayia at her home and then yesterday to meet Sister Elisabeth of the Salesian Sisters … and also all the girls working on those gorgeous needle-work pieces … just wonderful. Am sure your stay in Bangladesh will be very rewarding, and those directly and indirectly involved with the “Threads” project will all enjoy meeting you as well.

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