fiber arts in longbranch, washington

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A guest examines Surayia's "Leisure Times" tapestry -- Photo by Lois Baker

Len and I had the opportunity recently to publicize the film and display some beautiful Bangladeshi textiles – including a masterpiece tapestry designed by Surayia – at the annual Fiber Arts Fair in Longbranch, Washington.  Hundreds of people came to discover an array of fiber art creations – from antique lace wedding dresses to hand made spinning wheels, quilts galore and even little pumpkins made ready for Hallowe’en.   Our friend Carolyn did a fabulous job of putting this all together.  Thanks to Peg for the delicious muffins,  to Donna for inspiration and props for our display, and to Candy and many others who came by in awe of the fine work from Bangladesh and with ideas for the documentary.    We welcome your ideas of what you would like to see most in the documentary…..

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  1. Donna Daily
    Donna Daily says:

    On the first Saturday of October, The Fiber Arts Show was held at the Longbranch Improvement Club in Longbranch Washington. There was a wide variety of fiber art available to view. Some people were displaying, some were demonstrating and some were selling their wares. It was an exciting event to participate in. I would encourage anyone interested to plan to attend next October.

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