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This third post by Canadian fiber artist Anna Hergert raises an interesting question about kantha.

Revering the Simple Running Stitch — Hooked on Kantha (Conclusion).

Kantha – is it quilting or is it embroidery?

Quilting is an embroidery technique in which two or more fabrics are stitched together to make a warm, and often decorative, fabric. In traditional Kantha quilting the process begins with pieces of discarded fabric or rags, and is a very effective way of recycling old and threadbare fabrics. Numerous approaches to quilting have developed in different communities to produce varied uses of stitches, patterns and designs.

Ottawa Class 2

Using kantha stitches. Photo courtesy Anna Hergert.

Thank you, Anna, for your personal insights and your interest in nakshi kantha.

What do readers think about Anna’s question?   Is kantha quilting or embroidery?