As I read the appeal from the Humanitarian Coalition when I opened my email this morning, it struck me for a number of reasons.  I live in Washington State where it rains a lot, but I cannot imagine having my home flooded up to the rooftop and having to carry what I could out on my head.  The resilience of people under such crises is incredible, with death around them, children in need, not knowing where the next comfort or food will be available.

What does this have to do with the documentary “Threads” you might wonder and why am I blogging on the crisis on this movie website?   This crisis is in Pakistan and not in Bangladesh where we are filming — however we are all connected, regardless of nationality, race or religion.  And seeing the scenes in Pakistan today reminds me of the resilient women with whom Surayia worked who, during the raging floods of 1988 in Bangladesh, preserved the tapestries on which they were working and brought them in pots on their heads – wading through the floods — into Dhaka.  Courage amidst despair, hope despite disaster.

I worked for CARE Canada in the early 1990s and thank them and all other organizations and individuals who are assisting in this crisis in Pakistan.  For those who can help the Pakistanis during this crisis in some way, let us be their threads of hope.