Posted by Cathy and Len:

Threads was chosen by the audience as Best Short Documentary at the Gig Harbor Film Festival!  Threads screened to a full house on Saturday October 18, and on Sunday morning we received the good news that the film had won.

Marty Thacker, Barbara Rankin and the whole team at the Gig Harbor Film Festival put on a memorable Festival – for filmmakers and the community alike.  Thank you so much!  Thank you to everyone who came out to see the film, and the many people who have supported us from the very early days of this project.

We’ve been asked many times in recent days: “What’s next?”  Our top priority is to find sponsors to help us take the film to Bangladesh, where we can show it to the women and to others who we hope will be inspired by its story of sharing skills, resilience and determination in the face of obstacles.  We will also be working on film festival entries and making the film available for those who want to purchase it.  May the inspiration and hope of the story of Surayia, her art, and the women spread around the world!

With Gig Harbor Film Festival Executive Director Marty Thacker after receiving the award for "Threads."

With Gig Harbor Film Festival Executive Director Marty Thacker after receiving the award for “Threads.”


Posted by: Cathy and Len

We are very pleased to announce that Threads is finished and will have its first festival screening at our hometown Gig Harbor Film Festival.  Mark your calendars:  Saturday, October 18 at 12:55 PM at the Galaxy Theater in Uptown Gig Harbor.  Tickets are available at the GHFF office next door to the theater, and online at Eventbrite.  We will be there to answer questions after the film.

The Gig Harbor Film Festival is a wonderful community event that has been growing each year.  Volunteers are the backbone of the GHFF, and we are proud to be part of the volunteer team.

Many, many thanks to everyone who has helped to make this day possible.  A huge thank you to our donors:  friends, family and total strangers who contributed time, photos, advice, and money to this project.  We look forward to showing you the film.  And of course we could not have done anything without the constant support of Surayia Rahman and her children and grandchildren.

Keep checking back for updates on additional screenings of Threads.






Posted by:  Len

Thanks to Living Local Gig Harbor for a great article (on page 38) about Surayia, the women of Arshi and Threads.  Sarah Polyakov really took an interest in the story and did a lot of research on it.  She’s a film maker herself, so we had interesting discussions and discovered a lot common.

Related to this, we will be making an announcement soon about our first film festival screening.  Stay tuned.