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Precious Teachers

When I was home visiting my mother recently, she asked me if I would like to keep some of the petit-point embroidery that I did when I was a small girl.  Of course I would ! My mother was a talented seamstress, often going to charity bazaars to find special fabric – velvets, woollens and […]

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Bangladesh’s Rickshaw Art

Working on the film and catalog of Surayia’s art, we were kindly put in touch with the members of the American Council for Southern Asian Art.  Many thanks to ACSAA for helping us to find more of Surayia’s designs around the world.   One of the Council’s members, Joanna Kirkpatrick,  has studied the art of […]

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The floods

As I read the appeal from the Humanitarian Coalition when I opened my email this morning, it struck me for a number of reasons.  I live in Washington State where it rains a lot, but I cannot imagine having my home flooded up to the rooftop and having to carry what I could out on […]