A new article about the film

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Posted by:  Len

Note:  Unfortunately the link to the article on the Key Peninsula News website has expired.

The last few months have been filled with work on the film and other adventures, so our blog posts have fallen behind.  We will catch up, however, and bring everyone up to date on progress.

We were pleased to see that  our community newspaper just published a very nice article about the film project, complete with one of our favorite photos of Cathy, Len and Surayia, taken by Anil Advani when we were in Dhaka nearly two years ago.   We  were showing Surayia some clips from the very first footage that Mishuk Munier had filmed of Surayia and the women who worked with her.

That photo brings back a mix of emotions: happiness from our time with Surayia and sadness recalling Mishuk’s untimely death.  It is always amazing how evocative a single image can be.