quilters for a cure


"Women of the World Fight to Live."

The 10th Anniversary of the Gig Harbor Quilt Festival did the heart good.  Not only were there stunning quilts all around us, there was loads of energy toward breast cancer cure and care.

Sandra Gicomini’s quilt “Women of the World Fight to Live” (pictured above) reminds us that breast cancer kills around the world.   As I listened to brave women tell of their journeys with cancer, my thoughts went to Bangladesh and to Rahima.  Rahima has cancer.  She is one of the most talented embroiderers who worked with Surayia since the early 1980s, who created so many incredible tapestries for over 20 years.   Len and I will see Rahima in mid-November in Bangladesh, and I will pass along messages from each and every one of you who wants to send her a message of hope.    Hope is part of the cure, and would it not be great for Rahima to know that there is a world of women (and men) behind her!    Pass the hope along…..

The photo is by Susan Burnett,  copyright by Memories Forever.  Used with permission.

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