Fruit, leaf, petal, bark, wood – here’s to natural dyes!  Congratulations Aranya Crafts!

Ruby Ghuznavi was working with to revive and promote natural dyes long before “natural” became a popular trend.  Twenty years ago, she created Aranya Crafts in Bangladesh.   It is truly a treat to walk into her shop on Kemal Ataturk Avenue in Dhaka and to see saris, scarves and shawls, and many other types of clothing and decorative items in such a subtle and rich array of natural color.  This week, during Aranya’s 20th anniversary, Aranya and the Bengal Foundation present Rangeen Utshab: Festival of Colours at the Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts in Dhaka.

We are featured artists!

Thanks to Jeni Woock of Gig Harbor for her enthusiastic support!

Catherine and Tareque Masud — consulting producer and advisor, respectively, for “Threads” — recently released their new film, “Runway.”    Mishuk Munier, who has done filming  for “Threads” in Bangladesh, is the cinematographer for “Runway.”

Congratulations to the Masuds, Mishuk, and all involved on the occasion of the film’s premiere.  We were fortunate to see the film at Catherine and Tareque’s home when we were in Dhaka and agree completely with the very positive response that it has been getting at screenings in various parts of Bangladesh.

Catherine and Tareque are very insightful filmmakers and we wish them great success with this and all of their ventures.